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The Tyehimba Enterprises Advantage

What is the TE Advantage? The TE Advantage is a standard that we work and do business by. Unlike our competition we only use qualified and certified technicians to build, repair, install, configure, and set up your network and its infrastructure. We understand that when you look for professionalism in the work that is done and all that you need done, that is what you want and that is what you need. At Tyehimba Enterprises, that is what we give you. It doesn’t matter if you are a residential or commercial customer, you will always get a certified technician on site to perform whatever task you have called on us for.

It doesn’t matter if you need someone to configure a wireless router, cisco router, a network switch, computer or server configuration, Server installation, virus removal, or anything else that you may need.

On the other hand, our competition will not do this. They will send whoever, they deem has the skills and abilities to your home or business to perform the tasks that you need done. Legally and professionally, there is really nothing wrong with this as CompTIA states that a business that calls itself as computer repair shop or wants to be considered a computer or network repair shop or business must have at least half of the employees working in that capacity certified. Now that is what most of them do. However, they don’t always have half (50%) of the employees working in their repair shops certified. At Tyehimba Enterprises all of our employees that work in the capacity of an IT professional must be certified. For computers, O/S set up, configuration, virus removal, networks, and network set ups; we require a minimum of A+ certification, For Network Administration, configuration, and diagnostics we require a minimum of Network + Certification. For anything requiring server administration We require a minimum of MCSE. This way you don’t wind up with voice and data cable exposed and running along the floor for someone to trip, fall and have an accident or having cables cut inside the wall and not working because of someone’s careless and reckless actions costing you more money. Unfortunately you always get what you pay for yet we make sure that you get the services you need and requested at reasonable prices.

What we can offer you is IT services by certified IT professionals to include but never limited to the following:

Many of the services that you get from other service providers have the added cost of a middle man which increases your overhead. Tyehimba Enterprises uses their own technicians,engineers, and professionals to provide you with the services that your business needsProfessional service by certified and qualified technicians!!!!!!

That is the TE Advantage.