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Field Engineer1: As a field engineer you will be connecting, disconnecting, troubleshooting, and repairing internal wiring issues with client phone and data networks. You will be required to do some application and software installations, upgrades, and removals. You will be connecting and terminating telephone lines and setting up or repairing issues with Vonage phone systems, and other propietary VOIP solutions. You will also be responsible for properly terminating CAT 5E, CAT 6, and CAT 6a, cables, plugs, and jacks. Each client site should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. You will be trained and expected to pass the test before being put in the field. You will be responsible for purchasing and keeping track of your own tools and maintain accurate inventory of materials in your possesion. Other responsibilities and duties are

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Field EngineerII: As Field EngineerII you will be required to have extensive knowledge of Network and Telephony cabling. You will need to know how to properly connect, disconnect, and troubleshoot PSTN, ISDN, T1/T3 lines as well as perform the tasks stated in the Field EngineerI position. You will know and understand how to make home-runs, and perform structured cabling tasks in commercial and residential settings. You will also have the ability, skills, and knowledge of how to properly install, configure, set up, and troubleshnoot issues pertaining to various operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and all flavors of Windows.

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Office Assistant/Secretary: As an Office Assistant you will be responsible for downloading, scheduling, and data entry of of Service requests and Service Work Orders. You will be responsible for inputing all service work orders in our accounting program, and Outlook contacts programs. You will also be responsible for faxing all SR's and SWO's at the end of each day and invoicing the correct clients for payment. You will answer phones, make bank runs for deposits. Enter all financial information, jobs, and service requests in database.


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