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Introduction and History


ITCU is a division of Tyehimba Enterprises. Tyehimba Enterprises is a licensed partnership.  ITCU deals with the needs of today’s IT world.  We are a small company, but we are well-equipped to meet the demands of any business- large or small.  We meet these demands by offering a variety of services to fit the needs of our clients.  We can replace your outdated computers and dispose of them or have them refurbished.  We can set up your new computers and your in-house networking systems.  We can also upgrade, repair, reconfigure, troubleshoot, diagnose, and provide effective solutions for your company. We only employ certified technicians to set-up and install your company’s computer and networking systems.  However, we don’t stop there.  We will also train your employees on how to get the most and best usage out of your equipment.  If your systems are not giving you the performance you need, you can consult with us to design computers and systems that will not only meet the level of performance that you need, but surpass it as well. Currently we offer:
  • Structured Cabling installation and termination
  • Computer and Network services
  • Datacenter Cabling installation and termination
  • Network Infrastructure Cabling installation and termination
  • Voice/Data Cabling installation and termination
  • Server/Workstation building, set up, configuration and networking
  • Telecommunications installation, set up, termination and cabling
  • VOIP, Key, and PBX Phone systems installation
  • WiFi Network setup, installation, and configuration
  • Set up of Remote monitoring for DVR and CCTV 
  • Mounting and installation of CCTV
  • Router, Switch, Server, Patch panel Racking and Stacking

Tyehimba Enterprises was established in March of 2003 by Sango Tyehimba and Jacqueline Staton.  Tyehimba enterprises first started as a computer repair business in Charlotte, NC.  Quickly we found that  many of our clients/customers needed other services and were looking for a company or individual to set up networks, run and terminate CAT 5, CAT 5E and CAT 3-4 cable.  

We obtained our first Corporate client in 2005 which was a law firm that was having some issues with their computer and network systems moving very slow.  We quickly took a look and found that they had viruses on their computer systems and that the virus protection that they had was not working for them.  We quickly removed their current virus protection and installed a solution that not only kept the viruses out, yet kept them from getting any new ones with monitoring and realtime protection.

Shortly after that we were contacted by Sulivan Cogliano to help with a workstation refresh for the New York Life Insurance company located in Charlotte, NC.  Of the 7 other contractors that were there Myself Sango Tyehimba was the only one that was requested by the lead engineer to remain after the initial work was done to complete the remaining details and configuration.

Around November of 2005 We were contacted by K-Force to rack and stack at the Nokia building in Charlotte, NC.  This turned into a 5 day job due to the equipment not being delivered on time.  However this didn't count for the fact that I had to make new patch cables because the ones that were shipped were too short.

February of 2006 I decided to move to Holly Springs, NC.  Once there I was contracted by the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce to repair their network cabling.  This turned into more business as they were kind enough to share my contact information with another business. This time it was a financial company that just purchased an office condo in the business park and they needed to have their phone lines connected.  Come to find out they needed much more.  I found that the phone company had not connected their demarcation inside the office nor did they connect it to the outside demarcation.  We gladly called the phone company and had them come out and connect their services.

Business was slow so I took a contractor position in the South Command Center at IBM.  I worked as a systems/network analyst/administrator.  It was my job to check on the helpdesk tickets and repair issues with the servers and network devices which included AIX, Sun Solaris, HP, Linux, Windows, Netview boxes, and tape backups. I was doing this as well as taking on a few new clients in the Durham, NC area.  As word spread about my talents and skills with Information Technology, more people started contacting me.  Small businesses like "The Office Connection, The knowledge Academy, New Visions of Africa, and Believers United for Progress.  Who all needed my assistance with their computers systems, application installation and configuration, as we as consulting.

April of 2007 I started working with Believers United for Progress.  I set up their phone systems, fixed their internet connection, and in the coming years I have set up their servers, fixed their printers, fax machines and copiers My contract with IBM ended in January of 2007 and a new one started in August of 2007 at IBM.  However, this time I was a Blade Interoperability Technician/Engineer. It was my job to test the ability of new network and server technology working with the at the time current and future operating systems to include RHEL 5, CentOS, AIX, Sun, and Windows server operating systems.  If there were any problems or issues preventing them form working together, I was to find a work around or a way to to get them working.  Sometimes this meant writing new drivers and code for the operating systems.

2009 I started doing work for Endeavor telecommunications, Global Gateway Exchange, and a few other NOCs.  I have connected phone lines, internet connections, installed Vonage phone systems, moved businesses IT equipment and devices, performed a thousand cut overs,  installed and configured routers, switches, servers, and modems for hotels, retail businesses, and residential clients alike.  I have performed these duties for Burkes/Beals outlet stores, Rent-A-Centers, Proactive booths at the mall, Halmark, Extended Stay, Holiday Inn, Best Western, and La Quinta hotels, Rite Aide Pharmacy, Doctors offices and hospitals.

I have also had the pleasure of doing some work for a Realty office in Raleigh, NC who realized that their wireless solution was not working and I had to install cable for their network and VOIP networks.

August of 2010 I started on a migration project at Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC. They were switching from GroupWise to Outlook as their mail client and server and this meant that we had to migrate all of their mail boxes and email addresses from a GroupWise server and client to an Exchange environment. This also meant that we had to reconfigure the Blackberry servers as well.  It was a fun 3 weeks of running up and down those buildings in and out of the cubicles. January 2012 I took a BISCI class to get the certification.  However, I found out that the certification was not recognized due to the school not taking the proper measures to make sure that they had their ducks in a row.

May of 2012, I decided that I would head home to the Bronx, NY due to the lack of work.  I started off doing some demo construction until I landed a position with Edison Group Inc. 

Edison Group is a technology research and business consulting firm that provides competitive analysis, product testing, customer/partner research, sales enablement tools, and related marketing content. My initial title was Computer Lab Administrator.  It was my job to make sure that we had what was needed for product testing and to prepare the lab environment for projects.  However, Data Center Administrator and Network Engineer/Network Administrator quickly became part of my titles.  When you get a change take a look at the pictures of the Data Center before and after I re-cabled it. To see what projects we are currently working on, check out our What's Next page.