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Managed Services

Tyehimba Enterprises Managed Services are designed to allow you to focus on:


The benefits of having a Managed Services Provider are:

On top of the above, Tyehimba Enterprises allows you to select the services that you will need for your business. In order to get a accurate quote for what you will pay for managed services with us you will need to call for a consultation. We also offer discounts on managed services with 10 or more devices.


Here is how our Managed Services work

There are many ways in which we offer our managed services.

Pre-Pay: You always have the option to pay for services in advanced. We can set up an account for you and give you balance updates so that you know what you will be able to do. This works for smaller businesses that have tight budgets and need to keep an eye on their finances. Services are offered at a standard rate and you are billed hourly unless the task that you need performed have static pricing set on them.

Emergency and Scheduled On-Site visits

Emergency Visits: Are used when your Internet connection, workstations and servers go down and/crash and they will not turn back on. So On-Site visits can and will be necessary at times. There maybe a workstation or Server crash and someone needs to be there NOW to get it back up and running. There may also be times when you have many things going wrong and you don't know what it is, what happened, or where to start looking. That is when you can call us and we will have someone out to your locaton to inspect, detect, diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair the issue. Emergency On-Site visits are charged in 1 hour increments.

Emergency On-Site Visits are$120.00 per hour or any portion of an hour. (See your MSP contract for further details)

Sheduled On-Site Visits: Normally this is when you you have new equipment coming in and you need someone there to:

Scheduled On-Site Visit are $80.00 per hour or any portion of an hour. (See your MSP contract for further details)

Moving to a new office/Opening a new office

If you are opening a new office or moving to a new office to accomodate your business growth and you are not sure if the new office has what you need as far as cabling requirements, you can have one of our consultants meet you at the proposed new location to check things out for you and help you to plan your move.

The following is what we will do for you: