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Home and office networking


ITCU offers SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) office networking solutions at reasonable rates.  We can set up your equipment and run your cables.  We can upgrade your current networks if needed and schedule regular maintenance for your network and office.  We can diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and perform preventative maintenance to decrease the propensity of your systems going down resulting in your company losing valuable production time.  We offer real solutions to help our clients meet the challenges of today’s business world. 


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Do you need to monitor what is going at your office or store? We can help with that by installing CCTV cameras and DVRs so that you can not only record what is going on, yet you can also see what is going on from a remote location. There is a lot tha goes on when we are not watching and in those little nooks around the corner. When Tyehimba Enterprises installs your cameras we make sure that we angle the cameras to catch those hiding spots that are commonly missed. We can install fixed cameras or Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) cameras so that you can change the position and focus of view. We can also set you up with Infrared cameras so that you can see what it going on at night and in those dark rooms. The size of your business doesn't matter, as we have solutions for every budget.

Digital Video Recorders DVR:

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The selection of DVRs is large and vast and the size of the HDD in the DVR will be just as vast. It is the DVR that will record the video from the cameras. Your video footage is stored on the HDD and you can search, and save and even archeive your footage for later viewing. Your monitor can be as big or as small as you like.

New Office or Opening up an additional location?:

Not only can ITCU assist you in setting up your home and/or business networks, we can also install, service and maintain everything from your computer systems to your network equipment and devices.  We can find the best IT solutions for your company and personal needs.  We can be on site promptly and have you up and running again in no time.  ITCU uses only the best materials and equipment for your home and business computing and networking needs, and all work is done according to EIT/TIA, CompTIA, and IEEE standards.

Starting up a business ?:

Do you need computers, servers, routers, switches, and a rack for you business? Give us a call for a free phone consultation and let's talk about your needs. Tyehimba Enterprises (ITCU) specializes in Planning out your IT infrastructure. You tell us what your business needs are and we will tell you what devices you need to get it done. Tell us your "PAIN" and we will give you solutions and relief from your "PAIN." Our technicians and engineers are available when you need us to be available so that you can continue working and your business making money. We can also set you up with a virtual environment that will cut down on your energy costs as well. Virtualization of your IT infrastructure is becoming the new trend. You use less equipment and therefore consume less electricity. Immagine having one Physical Server and inside that one Physical Server you have Your File Server, Email Server, Domain Controller, Back up Domain Controller, and your Web server. Now, that is five servers in one and you aren't even at capacity with what you can do with it.