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Systems Networking

Getting your systems to talk to each other and sharing files can be a job in itself if you don't know what your doing and if you don't have all the tools and applications that you will need. Tyehimba Enterprises gets you up and going without hassle. We will set up your network shares, servers, workstations printers,copiers, and wireless devices to get and keep you connected.

Peer to Peer Network: This type of network is used when you don't have a domain or domain name and you just need to share files within your local in-house network. This is the simplest network to set up

Client/Server Network: Client/Server networks take a little more to set up. This is because as the name says, "Client/Server." You need a Server to host all of your files that you want to share and you need clients that need to access those files. This is a more secure environment for you to share your files because of the security measures that are on a server operating system.

VPN Network: When you have a main branch or location and COLO's or Colocations or even in you just need to connect from a remote location.

LAN: This is your home or office internal network. It can consist of a XDSL modem, FIOS modem, or cable modem and a PC, Laptop, or Tablet computer. Larger LAN (Local Area Networks) have multiple computers, printers, telephones, copiers, switches, routers, firewalls, and the like.

Wi-Fi: (Wireless Fidelity)This is a radio signal that travels over the airwaves. It is very conveinient yet just about everything gets in its way. One thing to remember about Wi-Fi is that it is weakend by EMI, certain lights, Wood, plants, and flowers to name a few.

WAN: (Wide Area Network) is the network that connects to the world and millions of computers, bridges, routers, switches and more.

MAN: (Metropolitain Area Network) is theoretically restricted to a metropolitain area. This network can consist of the same devices as the WAN. However, this one will include Wireless radios to transmit the signal for the public to use for free. Yet, there are some cases where there is a charge for this.

VLAN: Short for Virtual Local Area Network. VLANs are a network of comptuers that behave as if they are connected to the same wire even though they may be physically located on different network segments of a LAN. VLANS are software in nature, very flexible, and reduce the amount of cables and NICs/Network adapters needed to connect any specific group of computers, servers, and services.

Whatever kind of connection you need, We will get you connected and reconnected if needed. At Tyehimba Enterprises ITCU, We have solutions for all of your broken connections. So if you are opening up an office and you find that you don't have what you need to connect to the outside world, if your phone lines are down, or you need to have better cables to improve your connections and speed, just give us a call and we will get you up and running